GTW 2019

Well I just got back from Go Topless Weekend Crystal Beach! In addition to getting a wicked sunburn on my feet, forehead, and neck I also got lots, and I do mean lots of cool photos LIKE 1,200 of them! I’ll be uploading a few of them shortly! There’s is no way I can upload them all especially with the last GOT episode on tonight and a house to clean! Sorry guys! But if you want photos drop me an email with a description of your rig and about the day/time I took it. I was out there Friday and Saturday. That will help me narrow down my searching! ¬†Thanks for visiting my site! And have a good rest of your weekend! Have a good trip home!

Happy Trails Images – Melissa

10 thoughts on “GTW 2019”

  1. the jeep is called Purple Rain someone stopped me and took a picture I believe Friday. obviously its purple has silver decals.

    1. I looked through everything I took and I can’t find you. I will keep an eye out as I got through them over the next week or so and will let you know if I find anything.


  2. Hi was seeing if you got a picture of our jeeps it was a white two door Jeep with Jeep modes on front windshield and a pirate rum flag flying on back thanks

    1. Brandi, I found you. I will put the photo(s) in a dropbox and share the proof(s) with you shortly.


  3. Saturday approx. 11 am to 1 PM if I remember correctly, black jeep, Budget Buggy on hood, Seven Slot Society on windshield, American and Marine corps flags.

    1. I found two photos. I will get them in a Dropbox folder and to you to approve. They are $10 for both. FB messanger $ request or PayPal, whichever is easier for you. Thanks!

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